That was her last kiss on his lips before he leaves for the next six months.

They had been fighting since yesterday night. But all her anger died in a glimpse of the man she loves.

They have been trying to console their weeping hearts over the last three weeks. That is the paradox life has got to offer when it robs a student of literature of any such philosophy to make up her mind for his impending absence.

Their date today was just like one among the others but furtively it were only their hearts which knew it was not. 

She talked incessantly, almost to recompensate their not meeting for the next six months. She eats very less, even lesser today. They reclined to stalk each other’s old pictures and rummage through each other’s facebook accounts to unburden themselves.

Even time seemed to stop for them today so that they could spend more time by each other’s side. But something that failed to stop were the relentless streams of her tears. After sobbing so badly, the tip of her nose simulacrumed that of a reindeer.

She relished how pleasantly it could make them giggle together.

She knew that her tears were enfeebling him. She desperately tried to wear a smile but even her face did not cooperate.

She promised him to eat well but she knew well that she would often end up skipping her meals. She would never give up on her endeavour to put up a smile before the world but only he would know the utter falsity in that smile and the depression her soul would be bogged down in. They knew very well that they would spend sleepless nights and spend some hours talking to each other closely in their dreams.

Reality seized her opportunity to excitingly question, “Kobe meet korbi abar sala?”

Instead her lips were forced by circumstances to utter, “Sabdhane thakish babu.”

She found it much against her will to come out of his encompassing embrace today. She groped for his hand to wrap it around her waist tightly to feel its warmth. She wanted to grab on to him to smell him anew once more.

The cab drove through the busy yet solitary streets of the city where she could figure out two repined souls trying to guilottine reality. She saw the sun mitigating into the horizon when the street lights were lit up with the promise of another night. But those streaks of light seemed to be ebbing away when they failed to illuminate the unhappiness in them.

Their careers will career them into two different countries temporarily. 

They found it very difficult to unclasp their tightly held fingers at the end of the day.

A drop of tear silently ran through her cheek into her breast when her heart yelled, “Tui theke jaa na please” but she whispered, “Taratari amar kache chole ashish shona.” 



Author: soumiganguly98

A myriad of sketches lives in her soul.

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